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Workshop: Who are you selling to?

In business, enjoying what you do often means that you’re working with or selling to customers that appreciate you.

But how do you find them? How can you tell they are the right type of customer when you meet them? How do you get yourself in front of them often and consistently? This workshop will help you answer these questions.

Who is this for?

Business owners who find themselves serving clients make them miserable.
Business owners who don’t know which client/customer base to go after.
Business owners who struggle to get in front of the right type of customer consistently.

This workshop will cover...

Identifying how your product/service fits in the market.
How to use Demographics and Psychographics to find your target customer?
How to conduct market research to understand what your target customer wants from you?
Strategies to get in front of your target customer.Strategies to build credibility and trust with your target customer.