[RECAP] Defining Your Professional Look Workshop

Society likes to brand men of color and tell our story for us, and I think now more than ever it’s important that we are actively telling our own story.

In doing so, GroomedSuccess’ Grooming Academy held a workshop on Saturday, November 19 called "Defining Your Professional Look." In the workshop, image consultant Tyron Cutner from Well Dressed Academy taught define their professional look. He has worked for a variety of brands and he regularly styles corporate executives. So, I felt that it was fitting to have an expert, such as him, to teach them how to define their professional look.

As we know, holiday season is approaching, we want to make sure that men are prepared for work functions, networking events, holiday parties and them even going to their girlfriend’s or fiancée’s houses because your professional look doesn’t only entail in the office — it’s literally everywhere you go. You’re the brand. So, we really wanted to equip the guys to enhance their presence.

With over 20 men of color in attendance the participants ranged from Wall Street executives, individuals in the education field and blue collar individuals as well.

In the near future, we plan on having Grooming Academy workshops monthly focusing on different topics. Currently, we’re doing a survey so we can gauge on the topics that are the most pressing for those in our community. The next one may be on skincare, how to shave, what type of haircut works best with your face and also in your profession, what lotions to use — those are topics guys don’t necessarily talk about. We want to be that resource where guys can go to help groom themselves.

There’s a pastor that says “If you don’t define who you are, you’ll allow other people to define you and when they define you, they’ll use their own definition.” We need to continue to define who we are. We want to help show the world that we exist, and that’s pretty much what we in terms of events, helping and connecting people with each other, so we know that we’re a force to be reckoned with.