Through the GroomedSuccess Academy, we provide seminars to middle school, high school and college students that inform, empower and equip young scholars with essential life skills.

GroomedSuccess also tailors these trainings to help working professionals and executives to enhance their growth and sharpen their productivity.

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ACADEMY topics include:

Defining Your Professional Look

Outlines the importance of choosing the right look for the right job. Highlights the idea of personal branding and defining your professional look.

Leadership Training

Will provide you with the building blocks to identify the traits and styles of effective leaders while mastering new strengths and sharping existing leadership qualities.

Executive Presence

Recognizes the importance of interpersonal factors. We focus on effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies, emotional intelligence, public speaking and how to craft a powerful elevator pitch.

Social Media Etiquette

Outlines the do’s and don’ts of social media and how to leverage social media to increase your social capital.

Financial Literacy

This topic focuses on the ability to manage personal finances matters in an efficient manner, and it includes getting a better understanding of investing, insurance, budgeting, real estate and starting a business.

Social Impact

Students will explore social entrepreneurship, community activism, and other means of having a positive effect on society through their daily actions. 

Guest Speakers

GroomedSuccess boasts a rich network of professionals from a wide range of industries. We can tailor workshops specifically to the need by bringing in special guest lecturers to connect with the group.

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